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          Jiangyin Bairuijia Plastics Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
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          POF Shrink Film

          Tel:+86-510-8637 1178
          Fax:+86-510-8637 1028
          Contacts:Chen Chao Yu
          Photo:186 5103 1758

          Product Information : Of quality of course, attractive! 100 Ruijia POF six advantage :

          (1) uniform thickness, shrinkage rate as high as 65%, can be used for a variety of special-shaped packing;
          (2) friction coefficient of stability, ease of product high-speed packaging;
          (3) the proportion of thin-film layer uniform sealing strength ;
          (4) high level of transparency, flexibility and strong, packing evident result;
          (5) good resistance to cold, at minus 20 degrees is still maintaining its flexibility;
          (6) Tensile strength, suitable for manual , semi-automatic and high-speed fully automatic packaging machine.

          product features :

          (1) green non-toxic, superior quality and
          to use environmentally friendly materials, sealing will not produce toxic, noxious gases, in line with the U.S. FDA standards;
          (2) tightly sealed, welded seal good performance
          welded seal of good performance, and a wide range of welding seal, low temperature, good solderability;
          (3) shrinkage rate, the effect obviously
          Shrinkage "70% of all types of special-shaped plastic products have just the right capacity, packaging, body-nature.
          (4) sealed packaging, dust resistance wet
          generated due to the unique three-compartment oxygen compound layer, gas-tight, non-breathable, barrier is good, and difficult to contaminated dust;
          (5) thin tough, uniform thickness
          the proportion of light, the actual unit, low cost, flexibility and strong, tensile strength, impact resistance, easy to break;
          (6) a high degree of transparency, good gloss
          high degree of transparency, good gloss, can improve product packaging grades;
          (7) cold, low-temperature performance is good
          at low temperatures to minus 20 degrees Celsius remain soft and will not be hard brittle hair, anti-low temperature performance is good, not easy to aging.
          (8) excellent sealing performance, packaging and easy to
          good heat-sealing, operation easy, not easy to cut film, suitable for high-speed packaging machine

          spec sheet :

          projectunitssingledoublecylinder (hot side)
          Length / rollm500-3000500-2000500-2000


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