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          Jiangyin Bairuijia Plastics Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
          Home-> News -> The crosslinking film has the maximum impact strength you need
          The crosslinking film has the maximum impact strength you need

          The crosslinking film has the most advanced multi-layer electronic crosslinking film with the most necessary impact strength, and it is suitable for many packaging applications. Using advanced resin and processing technology to achieve the highest strength thickness ratio in polyethylene film. The incomparable toughness, tensile strength and seal strength packaging are clear and transparent, and the eye-catching contraction force is the ideal choice for composite packaging.

          Crosslinking technology has made the crosslinking film the most perfect thermal shrinkable film. Can help you solve the problem of packing. Because the shrinkage rate is excellent, and the seal is stronger, longer and longer. Excellent performance enables it to adapt to any packaging machinery. Transparency of the PE film is poorer, typically on the film printing information such as product design, the transparency of POF is better, "shelves effect" is good, can directly see the goods, for vendors, also save printing costs.

          38 micron POF shrink-wrap film is full of elasticity and durability. It has good optical properties and is used to protect your products. Specially designed for heavy packaging, instead of traditional corrugated box packaging or thick PE film packaging. Provide continuous, economical and durable packaging for customers. Suitable for most packaging machinery.

          Source:      Time:2017-8-2 10:04:28