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          Jiangyin Bairuijia Plastics Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
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          Can be widely used in various types of shrink wrappers

          KT series high performance crosslinking membrane has been proven to be superior to a variety of thicker thin film materials, which can be widely used in various types of shrink wrappers, especially for high-speed equipment. This super film can provide stronger contraction, better sealing and more powerful puncture resistance. And can improve the product's durable packaging, brightness and high transparency.

          Crosslinking technology has made the crosslinking film the most perfect thermal shrinkable film. It can help you solve the problem of packaging. Because the membrane is very good shrinkage, and the sealing is stronger and longer, the contraction temperature range is wider. Good performance allows the membrane to adapt to any packaging machinery.

          38 micron crosslinking film is a combination of film elasticity and durability. It has good optical properties and is used to protect your products. It is specially designed for heavy packaging, instead of traditional corrugated box packaging or thick PE film packaging. Provide continuous, economical and durable packaging for customers.

          Source:      Time:2017-8-2 10:02:58