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          Jiangyin Bairuijia Plastics Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
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          The supply and demand potential of our company is great

          The POF systolic membrane is designed with high polymer molecular chain tensioning principle. Its physical principle is: when the polymer at high elastic state, the stretch orientation, then polymer quenching below glass transition temperature, molecular orientation were frozen, when the goods during the heating in the process of packaging, because the molecular thermal motion produced stress relaxation, points to restore the original state, causing shrinkage.

          The POF contraction membrane is the best material to replace PVC shrinkage film. Since PVC contains low toxicity, it is generally not recommended to be used in food packaging, so the base material instead of PVC is replaced by PE. PE is non-toxic, tasteless, whether industrial packaging or food packaging, can be applied. Blow the crosslinking membrane, first to understand the orientation of the shrinkage rate, generally speaking, manual packaging adopts the horizontal shrinkage of the finished product film.

          Crosslinked membrane is a kind of strength, transparency excellent two-way contraction of heat shrinkable film, shrinkage rate stable and balanced in the process of packaging, packaging after the completion of the edge horn soft, resilient, low temperature resistance, not hard, effectively protect the packaged goods. No harmful gas will be produced in the process, and can adapt to the requirement of most automatic and semi-automatic packaging machinery, which is an economical and affordable product.

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