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          Use and classification of protective film

          Purpose of cross-linking membrane: glass protective film, electronic product protection film, automobile protective film, household protective film, food preservation film, etc. The electronic products like mobile phone, computer, tablet, and other products more widely, protective film becomes a part of the screen protective film referred to, in fact, life or the protective film in the scope of work and many, many, similar to the above said over.

          Crosslinked membrane non-toxic tasteless, hydrogen silicone with lively active gene, and the effect of catalyst, can react with double bond and hydroxyl gene, is uniform bubble agent, defoamer, water-soluble silicone oil products such as the basic raw material. Can be used as a waterproof agent, in the presence of metal salt catalyst, low temperature can be interlinked into film. The membrane formed on the surface of various materials has water resistance, which can be used as waterproof agent for fabric, glass, ceramics, paper, leather, metal, cement, marble and so on.

          By optimizing the formula and polymerization process of raw materials, the synthetic water-based resin has the characteristics of carboxyl content, small particle size, soluble in water and compatible with multi-valent metal crosslinking agent. The resin produced wood lacquer has the characteristics of normal temperature, quick drying, high hardness, good adhesion, high temperature resistance, simple application, low cost and good stability.

          Source:      Time:2017-8-2 9:58:32